Friday, July 6, 2018

Frequently Asked Regarding Dental Implants

Dental implants are one of the best teeth replacement options available. Implant treatment not only restores the visual aspects of the smile, but also gives you a strong, stable, and full-functioning bite. At Studio City Dental Group our dental professionals recommend implants due to their versatility and resilience. To provide more information regarding implant-supported restorations, our dentists have answered patients’ frequently asked questions.

How successful are dental implants?

Implant placement has a 95 percent success rate across the nation. You should ask your dentist to provide more information on the office’s implant treatment success.

Chances of an implant post fusing with surrounding dental structures are higher when you have healthy dental anatomy. Ensuring your jawbone and soft tissues are in their best condition before implant placement by maintaining a proper dental care routine increases the likelihood of bone and post-integration.

Who can receive dental implants?

Any person who has a matured jaw and meets the following requirements may obtain implant-supported restorations with a minimal chance of rejection:
  • Sufficient Bone Density
  • One or More Missing Teeth
  • Cannot or Do Not Want to Wear Traditional Prosthetics

Are dental implants safe?

Implant treatment is proven to be safe for those who qualify for the procedure. Unlike dentures, dental implants do not negatively impact the bone or gums, and they do not increase the risk of tooth decay. If you have any pre-existing medical conditions like high blood pressure or diabetes, you must consult with your primary doctor before proceeding with the placement surgery.

Why Can Implant Treatment be Completed at Once?

Implant treatment has four segments to it: consultation, placement, healing, and restoration. If you require additional procedures to bolster your oral health before inserting the implant post, the recovery period may be extended. Each phase is necessary to ensure the dental implant fuses with the jawbone and does not cause future complications and negative impacts your dental condition.

The consultation is necessary because this is when your dentist determines the best strategy to minimize the possibility of issues arising and learn the optimal location of your implants. Placement is the actual surgery and the healing period makes sure your restoration has a strong, stable foundation before attaching it with an abutment. The crown or other prosthetic that is affixed to your dental implant is comprised of ceramic. This allows it to seamlessly blend with surrounding teeth.

If you would like to learn more about dental implants, contact Studio City Dental Group. Our dentists and their team look forward to helping you restore your smile to it best condition. Our Playa del Rey staff are passionate about improving you or a loved one’s oral health and aesthetic. 

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Ways to Treat Gum Disease

Gum disease can be a scary dental problem, especially if left unchecked over years. In its initial stages, the presence of gum disease may only create minor problems, such as bleeding while brushing and flossing or puffy and tender gums, but these symptoms will eventually worsen to gum recession, loss of bone, and even loss of natural teeth. While many patients who keep up dental appointments do not have to deal with advanced gum disease, those who ignore symptoms of this condition and do not seek dental care are at risk for those more severe side-effects.

Even if your case of gum disease, or periodontitis, has progressed to cause other dental issues, the periodontists at Studio City Dental Group can help. Our treatments are designed to address the core causes of the disease and help re-build your health and wellness from there.

Correcting Lack of Support - Receding gums lessen the soft tissue support that your teeth need to remain in place. Progressing gum disease and build-up of tartar can also eat away at bone, further diminishing teeth’s support system. While this can eventually lead to tooth loss, there are treatments available to restore the support system your teeth need to remain strong and healthy. With soft tissue grafting or bone grafts, our specialists can build a better foundation on which to create a healthy smile.

Creating Better Aesthetics - Not only is receding gum tissue a bad sign for your overall oral health, but it tends to make teeth look longer and larger. While many patients are first concerned with getting their health back in shape, it’s hard to feel good about your smile if it doesn’t look as healthy as it feels. We can treat gum disease with deep cleanings and antibiotics to prevent further tissue recession and can also perform grafting procedures to restore a healthy balance between teeth and gums.

Preventing Re-Infection - Once the bacteria and plaque that contribute to gum disease are cleaned and removed, a responsible treatment plan involves more frequent maintenance and evaluation to be sure that infection does not recur and cause additional problems. While patients who do not present signs of periodontitis can keep dental appointments every six months, patients who have recently undergone care to correct the effect of gum disease would likely need to keep a preventive dental care appointment every three months.

Questions about Gum Disease? Speak to our North Hollywood Periodontists

Gum disease can be intimidating, but with attention with our specialists, the effects of this condition can be treated so you can enjoy better health. For more information about treatment for gum disease in Studio City, contact our office.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Which Orthodontic Option Will Work Best for Me?

Getting straighter teeth is now less a question of whether should you get braces, but rather which kind of braces will work best. As providers of comprehensive orthodontics in North Hollywood, Studio City Dental Group offers the gamut of what you can expect from modern orthodontic treatments, including clear and tooth-colored braces.

So which braces option will best meet your needs?

Metal Braces

While these silver orthodontics are the old standard, they are still the most predictable way to get results in the event that your dental alignment issues are severe and include complex overcrowding, open bite, crossbite, and overbite. While they may not be as appealing of an option for adults, young patients look at braces as an important part of growing up, with many of their friends experiencing the same treatment.

For young patients, metal braces can also be the easiest orthodontic appliances to manage. While clear aligners need to be carefully handled and diligently worn, metal braces are bonded in place. Patients only need to be sure to clean their teeth thoroughly around brackets and wires while wearing metal braces.

Clear, Removable Orthodontics

Clear braces are most popular and convenient for adult patients who are concerned about the overtly youthful appearance that metal braces might create, but are still looking to achieve straighter teeth. With popular Invisalign® technology from Studio City Dental Group, adult patients with minor to moderate dental misalignment can benefit from discrete appliances that are easy to clean. As the appliances must be worn at least 22 hours a day, adults are typically the most cooperative users and see the most success with this treatment. Invisalign® is also a great choice for patients who had full, traditional braces in their younger years, but who did not wear their retainers for an extended period of time, creating relapse.

Invisalign® is made of transparent smooth plastic and is removable, making it an appealing treatment option for patients who are concerned about aesthetics during treatment.

Questions? Talk to our North Hollywood Orthodontist!

When weighing your choices for braces, it’s important to consider all aspects of what’s involved in treatment, from your health needs, to what kind of upkeep you would be most able to handle, and even insurance coverage. Contact our dental office to learn more about how metal braces or clear orthodontic aligners can help you meet your goals.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Causes of and Solutions for Common Children’s Dental Problems

Children’s dental concerns encompass a broad spectrum of issues that affect growing and changing smiles, from the way teeth are cleaned to how teeth and bite alignment develop over time. Patients from the age of six months (when they get their first tooth) to pre-teens who are headed into pre-orthodontics or other restorative and corrective dental treatments are considered under the category of children’s dentistry.

With that broad scope, there are a myriad of questions and concerns that parents and patients may have, including the most frequently experienced and treated dental problems for children, which include:

Pediatric Tooth Decay – Cavities can be unfortunately commonplace for young patients, as baby teeth are more less mineralizes than permanent teeth, giving debris and bacteria a place to hide and eventually erode tooth enamel. Children who are given sugary snacks or who fall asleep drinking from bottles of milk or juice are more likely to develop cavities on baby teeth. In these cases, it’s important to restore damaged baby teeth with fillings or crowns, so that permanent teeth are not affected. Healthy baby teeth can be protected against decay with the application of sealants and the use of fluoride at dental visits.

Bite and Teeth Misalignment – While many children’s teeth or bite may be crooked as a result of heredity, certain habits, such as frequent thumb sucking can cause the protrusion of teeth and throw off bite alignment, which is essential for jaw health. In the event that your child’s permanent teeth are not well aligned, pre-orthodontic treatment with simple appliances can be utilized to prevent the progression of serious issues, and can then be treated with more moderate orthodontics later on. If thumb sucking is the culprit, small appliances that make thumb sucking difficult or uncomfortable can be utilized. 

Unhealthy Habits –There are all manner of daily choices than can have an effect on the health of a child’s smile, from nutrition to oral health regimen. It’s recommended that all dental patients, especially children who still have baby teeth, stay away from foods and beverages with added sugars, such as candy, sports drinks, and soda, as these can produce acid that eats away at dental enamel and causes cavities. It’s also important to get in the habit of brushing teeth for at least two minutes, twice a day, and flossing between teeth to make sure that all parts of your smile are clean and free of plaque.

Dental Anxiety – While this issue may be overlooked in some, fear of the dentist at a young age is a stumbling block that can make it hard for nervous patients to feel comfortable coming back to a dentist to have their teeth looked after in their later years. Children who are afraid of the dentist should be treated with gentle care and have each procedure explained to ensure they understand what is happening. In other cases, it may be appropriate to use nitrous oxide, a sedation tool that helps patients feel at-ease during their treatment.

At Studio City, our pediatric dental services incorporate care for all of the common oral health issues your child may be experiencing, and we do it all with a gentle touch. For more information about pediatric dentistry in North Hollywood, please contact our pediatric dental specialist today.

Monday, April 18, 2016

How to Get the Implant Treatment You Want

Aesthetic and functional restoration of your smile after tooth extraction or injury is an important part of feeling good about the way you look and having a set of fully functional teeth. Dental implants can help patients achieve a completely restored smile when planned for appropriately. If you are seeking dental implants to replace missing teeth, be sure to keep the following in mind about your treatment plan, results, and dental care provider:

Pick a Dentist You Trust – Your dentist should be someone who works in close partnership with you about what you’re hoping to achieve and all of the moving parts that factor into your treatment plan. Picking a dentist you trust allows you to speak openly about all of the important components and ensure clear communication for the whole of your treatment plan.

Understanding Dental Implant Pricing – Many patients who have never had advanced dental care or surgical dental treatment are not sure what normal pricing structure is and may not be comfortable in asking their dental provider. While trust is key in developing a strong relationship so that you can ask your dentist about financing and treatment cost, it’s important to note that most dental implant treatments are priced out according to phases. Pre-treatment, implant surgery, and restoration are usually the main price breakdowns. Cost can be staggered out accordingly to make treatment more manageable and to ensure that, if your treatment needs adjustment along the way, cost is reflective of what you are getting.

Achieving Best Aesthetics – After extended periods of tooth loss or other oral health issues, problems such as facial collapse or gum recession can also affect the appearance of your smile. Talking to your dentist about all of these concerns help to shape your treatment plan so that you achieve the results you’re looking for. For some patients, gum or bone grafting may be necessary so that your finished smile looks natural. In addition to these dental concerns, the color and contour of your prosthetic: bridges, crowns or dentures, helps to make sure that your smile is life-like. Be sure to ask your dentist about what materials will be utilized for your prosthetics and custom color matching for any existing teeth in your smile. 

Safe Surgical Practices – While dental implants come with highly successful treatment rate, it’s important to make sure you are selecting a qualified professional to perform your treatment. While general dentists can place implants, many patients elect to visit specialists, such as oral surgeons and periodontists, for precise and safe implant surgery.

Ask our Specialists your Dental Implants Questions!

Studio City Dental Group is home to a team of dental specialists, including periodontists and oral surgeons, who are here to make sure that your implant treatment plan delivers best results. If you have questions about dental implants, we can help. Contact our North Hollywood implant dentist today for more information.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Cosmetic Dentistry & Prosthodontics: The Importance of Personalized Care

When a prosthetic, like a veneer, crown, bridge, or denture is recommended as a part of your cosmetic treatment plan, you may not be thinking about how those restorations are created, but it’s an important part of your treatment’s final outcome. For most dental offices, prosthetics are created at dental labs. Dentists who are interested in getting best results for their patients do their research on lab technicians and materials, while others may try to get lab work for the lowest dollar amount possible, which may include overseas dental labs that are not known for using high-quality materials.

Studio City Dental Group has an on-site dental lab and an in-house ceramist to ensure that you are provided with a level of dental care that meets your needs. With these available conveniences, we are able to ensure that patients get access to:

Quality Materials – Our dentists and lab technicians are a part of one team, working to provide patients with care that meets our high standards. With this direct line of communication for treatment planning and fabrication of restorations, we can ensure that our lab is producing beautiful, durable prosthetics that do not contain cheap short-cuts and can deliver the aesthetic results you’re looking for.

Precise Color Matching – Crowns made from lower-quality materials or untrustworthy dental labs can look gray or unnatural. They can also be made in a tooth-colored shade that is nowhere close to your natural shade and stands apart from your smile. By working in close conjunction with our ceramist, our cosmetic and restorative dentists make sure that your new teeth are a perfect complement to your organic teeth.

Natural Fit and Feel – It’s unfortunately common for prosthetics from less-than-quality dental labs to fit poorly, which causes other issues, such as bite alignment problems and the potential for additional damage to natural teeth. Our ceramist and dentists help to create your dental restoration for best fit and comfort. Should any adjustments need to be made, our dental lab is right down the hall.

Quick Turnaround Times – Sending treatment planning information to outside dental labs and receiving finished prosthetics involves both snail mail and digital communication. Depending on the work load at the lab in use, this process can take several weeks. Our lab works only with our patients and we do not need to slow down treatment time by mailing components for the fabrication of your cosmetic dental restorations. 

Don’t Get Stuck with Cheap or Unnatural-Looking Prosthetics

The durability and beauty of your dental restorations is significant. Studio City Dental keeps as much of our dental work as possible in-house with the help of our on-site ceramist. If you have questions about cosmetic dental restorations in North Hollywood, contact our office for more information about what makes treatment with our team different. 

Monday, March 21, 2016

Advanced Dental Technology: Patients who Can Benefit from Cutting-Edge Care

Advancements in dental technology have made treatment more efficient and comfortable for patients. Just about anyone can benefit from the advantages offered by modern dental tools, however patients with certain health issues may find these treatment offerings especially beneficial. Studio City Dental Group offers a number of dental technologies that prove to be helpful for patients with the following dental needs:

Patients in Need of Prosthetics – Creating comfortably fitting and secure prosthetics, such as dentures, dental implant restorations, and veneers, helps patients to achieve their smile goals and enjoy better oral function. When created improperly, however, prosthetics can cause additional issues and potentially increase the risk of decay or damage to teeth. Studio City Dental Group provides in-house dental lab technology, so that patients can benefit from restorations that are produced more efficiently and can be tweaked or customized on the spot to ensure best results.

Patients with Periodontal Disease or Gummy Smiles - The progression of gum disease creates serious problems that sometimes require surgical intervention. Dental lasers replace traditional tools for treating gum tissue, so there are no stitches required. Lasers also promote faster healing, so that the overall treatment experience is more comfortable. In addition to grafting soft tissue to help combat gum disease, dental lasers can also contour the gum line of patients with gummy smiles, or too much gum tissue. Soft tissue dental lasers minimize the need for local anesthetic and make these advanced procedures less intimidating.

Patients with Complex Treatment Plans - Developing the right plan for extensive dental care, which can include treatments to restore damaged teeth and cosmetically repair unattractive teeth requires precise imaging. Without this information, it can be difficult to spot issues that need addressing for complete smile rehabilitation. The intra-oral cameras, digital X-rays, and panoramic X-rays used at Studio City Dental Group can help our dentists pinpoint areas of concern and use that detailed information to select the treatments that help meet patients’ needs.

Patients Seeking Conservative Care – Dental patients who do their research know that, in any restorative procedure, keeping as much of your own healthy tooth structure as possible is important for long-term oral health. Our dentists utilize the precision of air abrasion dentistry to treat tooth decay, which helps us precisely remove only decayed sections of enamel. In this manner, healthy enamel is untouched and can help patients avoid unnecessarily extensive restorations.

Ask us about Advanced Dental Technology -- Contact Studio City Dental Group

Our North Hollywood dental office provides several advanced dental technologies to serve your needs and ensure that you can benefit from comfortable, optimized dental care. If you have questions about how cutting-edge dentistry can benefit your treatment plan, call our office for your consultation.