Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Cosmetic Dentistry & Prosthodontics: The Importance of Personalized Care

When a prosthetic, like a veneer, crown, bridge, or denture is recommended as a part of your cosmetic treatment plan, you may not be thinking about how those restorations are created, but it’s an important part of your treatment’s final outcome. For most dental offices, prosthetics are created at dental labs. Dentists who are interested in getting best results for their patients do their research on lab technicians and materials, while others may try to get lab work for the lowest dollar amount possible, which may include overseas dental labs that are not known for using high-quality materials.

Studio City Dental Group has an on-site dental lab and an in-house ceramist to ensure that you are provided with a level of dental care that meets your needs. With these available conveniences, we are able to ensure that patients get access to:

Quality Materials – Our dentists and lab technicians are a part of one team, working to provide patients with care that meets our high standards. With this direct line of communication for treatment planning and fabrication of restorations, we can ensure that our lab is producing beautiful, durable prosthetics that do not contain cheap short-cuts and can deliver the aesthetic results you’re looking for.

Precise Color Matching – Crowns made from lower-quality materials or untrustworthy dental labs can look gray or unnatural. They can also be made in a tooth-colored shade that is nowhere close to your natural shade and stands apart from your smile. By working in close conjunction with our ceramist, our cosmetic and restorative dentists make sure that your new teeth are a perfect complement to your organic teeth.

Natural Fit and Feel – It’s unfortunately common for prosthetics from less-than-quality dental labs to fit poorly, which causes other issues, such as bite alignment problems and the potential for additional damage to natural teeth. Our ceramist and dentists help to create your dental restoration for best fit and comfort. Should any adjustments need to be made, our dental lab is right down the hall.

Quick Turnaround Times – Sending treatment planning information to outside dental labs and receiving finished prosthetics involves both snail mail and digital communication. Depending on the work load at the lab in use, this process can take several weeks. Our lab works only with our patients and we do not need to slow down treatment time by mailing components for the fabrication of your cosmetic dental restorations. 

Don’t Get Stuck with Cheap or Unnatural-Looking Prosthetics

The durability and beauty of your dental restorations is significant. Studio City Dental keeps as much of our dental work as possible in-house with the help of our on-site ceramist. If you have questions about cosmetic dental restorations in North Hollywood, contact our office for more information about what makes treatment with our team different. 

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