Monday, April 18, 2016

How to Get the Implant Treatment You Want

Aesthetic and functional restoration of your smile after tooth extraction or injury is an important part of feeling good about the way you look and having a set of fully functional teeth. Dental implants can help patients achieve a completely restored smile when planned for appropriately. If you are seeking dental implants to replace missing teeth, be sure to keep the following in mind about your treatment plan, results, and dental care provider:

Pick a Dentist You Trust – Your dentist should be someone who works in close partnership with you about what you’re hoping to achieve and all of the moving parts that factor into your treatment plan. Picking a dentist you trust allows you to speak openly about all of the important components and ensure clear communication for the whole of your treatment plan.

Understanding Dental Implant Pricing – Many patients who have never had advanced dental care or surgical dental treatment are not sure what normal pricing structure is and may not be comfortable in asking their dental provider. While trust is key in developing a strong relationship so that you can ask your dentist about financing and treatment cost, it’s important to note that most dental implant treatments are priced out according to phases. Pre-treatment, implant surgery, and restoration are usually the main price breakdowns. Cost can be staggered out accordingly to make treatment more manageable and to ensure that, if your treatment needs adjustment along the way, cost is reflective of what you are getting.

Achieving Best Aesthetics – After extended periods of tooth loss or other oral health issues, problems such as facial collapse or gum recession can also affect the appearance of your smile. Talking to your dentist about all of these concerns help to shape your treatment plan so that you achieve the results you’re looking for. For some patients, gum or bone grafting may be necessary so that your finished smile looks natural. In addition to these dental concerns, the color and contour of your prosthetic: bridges, crowns or dentures, helps to make sure that your smile is life-like. Be sure to ask your dentist about what materials will be utilized for your prosthetics and custom color matching for any existing teeth in your smile. 

Safe Surgical Practices – While dental implants come with highly successful treatment rate, it’s important to make sure you are selecting a qualified professional to perform your treatment. While general dentists can place implants, many patients elect to visit specialists, such as oral surgeons and periodontists, for precise and safe implant surgery.

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