Monday, May 16, 2016

Which Orthodontic Option Will Work Best for Me?

Getting straighter teeth is now less a question of whether should you get braces, but rather which kind of braces will work best. As providers of comprehensive orthodontics in North Hollywood, Studio City Dental Group offers the gamut of what you can expect from modern orthodontic treatments, including clear and tooth-colored braces.

So which braces option will best meet your needs?

Metal Braces

While these silver orthodontics are the old standard, they are still the most predictable way to get results in the event that your dental alignment issues are severe and include complex overcrowding, open bite, crossbite, and overbite. While they may not be as appealing of an option for adults, young patients look at braces as an important part of growing up, with many of their friends experiencing the same treatment.

For young patients, metal braces can also be the easiest orthodontic appliances to manage. While clear aligners need to be carefully handled and diligently worn, metal braces are bonded in place. Patients only need to be sure to clean their teeth thoroughly around brackets and wires while wearing metal braces.

Clear, Removable Orthodontics

Clear braces are most popular and convenient for adult patients who are concerned about the overtly youthful appearance that metal braces might create, but are still looking to achieve straighter teeth. With popular Invisalign® technology from Studio City Dental Group, adult patients with minor to moderate dental misalignment can benefit from discrete appliances that are easy to clean. As the appliances must be worn at least 22 hours a day, adults are typically the most cooperative users and see the most success with this treatment. Invisalign® is also a great choice for patients who had full, traditional braces in their younger years, but who did not wear their retainers for an extended period of time, creating relapse.

Invisalign® is made of transparent smooth plastic and is removable, making it an appealing treatment option for patients who are concerned about aesthetics during treatment.

Questions? Talk to our North Hollywood Orthodontist!

When weighing your choices for braces, it’s important to consider all aspects of what’s involved in treatment, from your health needs, to what kind of upkeep you would be most able to handle, and even insurance coverage. Contact our dental office to learn more about how metal braces or clear orthodontic aligners can help you meet your goals.

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